Food Cost Per Portion: £1.20p

Selling Price per portion @60 % Gross Profit Mark up: £3.00 per portion


500g Pork Fillet

50g Trio Cracked Pepper (Pink, White, Black Peppercorns)

125g Sausage Meat

1 Onion Finely Chopped

30g Butter

12 Stoned Prunes

1 shot of Irish Whiskey

Soak the prunes overnight so they take on the Irish Whiskey Flavour.

1 tspn Finely Chopped Sage

100g Breadcrumbs

15ml English Mustard

Salt to Taste


Trim the Pork Fillet of all sinew

Layer 3 sheets of Clingfilm on top of each other enough to cover the fillet length ways with a bit to spare for tying.

Sweat the onion and sage in the butter in a thick bottomed pan until soft – cool

Bind the sausage mixture with the breadcrumbs and add the onion sage mix and season with a pinch of salt. Leave to go cold in the fridge for up to two hours until a dough consistency.

Remove from the fridge and roll out the sausage mixture to the length of the fillet and 3 times its circumference.

You should now have a large rectangle of Pork and Sage Stuffing about ½ cm thick.

Brush the pork fillet with the English mustard to act as a glue for the Stuffing to stick to on the outside of the Fillet.

Roll around the fillet and squeeze it tightly.

Sprinkle an even covering of the cracked 3 peppercorn mix on to the clingfilm

Roll the Outer stuffed fillet in the pepper and roll up tight in the clingfilm to create a thick sausage shape and tie each end. Wrap with tinfoil and twist each end to tighten the whole fillet into a perfect cylinder. This may be roasted whole in the oven or cut into medallions and cooked in the pan.

Cooking Instructions

To roast place on a roasting tray for 15 minutes at 180C

Test the core temperature (75C).

To pan fry cut in thick medallions and cook in a little oil and butter mixed 3 minutes on each side.

Test the core temperature (75C).

Add some Irish Strawberries and the drunken prunes and flame with the whiskey from the prunes.

Add a little gravy and cream to create a smooth 3 peppercorn Sauce.