Rhonda Montgomery and Conor Reynolds left for Australia a few days ago and toured around the best sites & butcher shops in Perth with the delegation for the International Young Butchers Competition. Competitors were from USA, Ireland, Western Australia, Queensland, Tazmania, Melbourne, Victoria and New Zealand.

This type of trip gives young butchers a chance to experience butchery in another country, make new friendships and it provides an opportunity for them to shine.

Rhonda and two guests; Paul and Steve from Ashbourne Meats Melbourne went to Rottnest Island for the day and done a 20km cycle round the island when competitors were preparing ingredients the day before competition. The views on this run were spectacular. We had such a good time, we missed the last boat!

Once again we had a catch up with our colleagues from WBC council Robert and Riki and made so many new friends within our network. Overall a brilliant trip and experience in Perth.

Boatshed Market Tour
Rare Fusion Gourmet Butchery
Scarfo’s Meating Place
Mondo Butcher & Delicatessen