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PLAN 3 – Butchers Membership (Yearly)

£950.00 ex.VAT for 1 year

Membership Registration Form

I wish to become a member of Butchery Excellence International and hereby allow the below details to be used in line with my membership agreement.
  • Your Details

  • Contact Details

  • Business Details

  • Additional Information

  • Disclaimer and Signature

    I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that any false or misleading information, if proved, may result in no further action being taken on this application, or, if appointed, dismissal from the service of Butchery Excellence International. I also certify that the council will process and retain this application form under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
    With regard to the new General Data Protection Regulations that came into effect 25th May 2018, we are legally obliged to inform you of what data we hold for you and how we will/will not use it. We request that you read the information in this letter and confirm to us that we have your consent to the use of your data as outlined below. The information we hold for you enables us to trade with you. Please complete the form below and return it to us. Your Company Details: We hold the following information on our company database: •Company Name •Company Address (and depot addresses where applicable) •Various contact names •Various contact telephone and fax numbers as supplied by you •Various email addresses as supplied by you •VAT Number •Bank account details We use this information to enable trading with your company and for general correspondence with your staff on a regular basis. Montgomery Food Consulting Ltd will NEVER pass on or sell your information. General Data Protection Regulation – Authorisation Confirmation
  • Acceptance and Authorisation

    I authorise and accept that any date we/I provide to Montgomery Food Consulting Ltd for the purpose of trading can and will be used for the reasons outlined in this correspondence. Where you do not grant consent we will not be able to use your personal data; (so for example we may not be able to let you know about forthcoming services and events); except in certain limited situations, such as where required to do so by law or to protect members of the public from serious harm. You can withdraw or change your consent at any time by contacting our offices at 112A Moore Street, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, BT66 6AA or 028 8555 7700. Please note that all processing of your personal data will cease once you have withdrawn consent, other than where this is required by law, but this will not affect any personal data that has already been processed prior to this point. All our email communications contain an unsubscribe link if at any time you wish to withdraw from these services.



Why Join Butchery Excellence?

Butchers all face similar challenges in our Agri Food Sector and the value of Butchery Excellence International is supporting our members through Education, Innovation and Expertise in responding to challenges together, as a community.

Our Business Model is to provide you with interim technical support, advice, guidance, marketing platforms and events that will help you as a butcher to grow, strengthen and develop your business.

We create, support and validate an inter collaborative community of butchers across the World who have a food sourcing and retailing support mechanism that is based on unparalleled expertise recognised training and auditing with true business integrity.

We deliver real value to members by raising standards for consumers whilst simultaneously driving footfall to our members, therefore increasing customer spend.

We encourage and harvest support for the local butcher through our marketing initiatives both regional, national and international.

We are the representative body for all butchers and we influence key stakeholders to recognise butchery as a true “vocational craft”



Unannounced Audits?

  • HACCP Audit & Review – 3 visits per year – every 4 months
  • Butcher of the month is awarded to the butcher that achieves the highest scores during our monthly audits
  • Cleaning and Hygiene Advice
  • HACCP Records (We validate your records on every audit).
  • We carry out maintenance audits, traceability checks, monitor hygiene and advise on shelf-life testing if required.
  • Recipes are reviewed, new products are identified and labeling is checked, updated and audited on each visit.
  • Butcher recipe reviews & records for meat preparation products (EC Meat Contents/Spice Usage).
  • Maintain Food Labeling/allergen databases quarterly or when required.
  • Opportunity during visit to discuss events, demos, workshops and other BEI activities that are up-coming with your BEI representative during audit.

Technical Support Services

  • Nutritional information for food labels (Energy Kj, Kcal, Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugars and Salt – to meet new EU 1169/2011 requirements and voluntary requirements for food information regulations.
  • Food hygiene and HACCP training performed with 10% discount for all BEI members for level 1,2 & 3.
  • Equipment Health and Safety risk assessments (advice only) Butchery Business administration 1-1 advice mentoring sessions.
  • Support and advice for FSA Food hygiene rating systems (NI) and Food safety systems (ROI) to provide improvement in scores.
  • Advice on Artisan butchery methods in butchery e.g. curing, dry aging, charcuterie, maturing meat, sausage and burger making.
  • 24/7 support in the event of a food safety incident, recall or withdrawal.
  • 24/7 support and advice in the growth of your business e.g. enter wholesale market and EC approval upgrade of your premises.



Members receive 10% discount on services

We promote traditional skills at every opportunity through;


  • BEI Butchery Counterpoint Programme – butcher counter training
  • BEI Deli Academy Training Programme
  • BEI Hot Food Counter Training / recipe development in store tastings with our BES Chef and our NEW pop up kitchen
  • New Product Development projects
  • Butcher traineeshop programme
  • Food safety training
  • HACCP Training Butchery Master classes
  • Business costs, margin control and improving profits


  • All Ireland BBQ Competition
  • All Ireland Speciality Fine Foods Competition
  • All Ireland Sausage and Pudding Competition
  • All Ireland Champion of Champions Final – Butcher of The year



  • Support and advice in the event of a product recall or withdrawal incident
  • Butcher counter cards are provided (Reorders are charged)
  • Website Membership Section – Access recipes, documents, legislation,
  • Demo recipes from associates, posters, HACCP records, yield calculators,
  • Monthly Magazine
  • Butchery Guidance Documents released when required
  • Microbiology Advice on shelf-life testing for date determinations for butchery products.
  • Press releases are written and issued to butchers when achievements are made e.g. competitions, awards, achievements that need to be recognised.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages and What’s app discussion groups
  • Business mentoring, guidance and advice
  • BEI Marketing Materials
  • BEI act as your voice to industry when required
  • Annual BEI Butcher Trade Shows / Summit
  • Sausage/Burger competitions with local schools
  • Annual Field Trips
  • Demonstration Nights
  • Road Shows
  • Master classes in traditional curing techniques
  • Master classes in sausage and burger making (Learn new artisan, art and craft butchery skills to help grow your business and increase sales profits)

World Stage International Links

  • Members have the opportunity to apply for a position on Team Ireland for World Butchers Challenge every two years.
  • Opportunity for butchers, apprentices and young butchers
  • 1 place every year to enter young butcher lifeline competition in Perth
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