Q & A with Mulkern’s Eurospar, Newry- Thomas Magennis

What do you think of the service provided by Butchery Excellence since you joined this year?


Butchery Excellence are currently working with us in store on our recipe and ingredients books, HACCP and implementing improved systems in running our butchery and Deli. In the short space of time we’ve been members, the services and support has been “Top Drawer”.

Your Butcher is on the Ireland squad for World Butchers’ Challenge, how do you feel taking part in the World Butchers Challenge will benefit your store?

There has been a great atmosphere and excitement throughout the store on the back of the announcement, being selected as part of an elite team of butchers reflects the standards Bryan has set for the Butchery department here at Mulkerns. This experience will only further Bryan’s knowledge and skill set, that he will be able to bring back and practice in-store. The store, the butchery team and our customers will benefit from this.

What are the secrets to your success of running a busy and popular retail store?

Keeping it Fresh –  As a local convenience store, fresh foods accounts for over 60% of our weekly turnover. Our butchery, hot food and Deli are a big part of that. We use our strong fresh food offering as a toll to drive our business, keeping the standard and the quality high is a necessity.

What do you consider to be the most important factors in running your business?

Customer Relations – Getting and keeping customers, creating a boomerang effect. Managing and developing our staff – encouraging growth and creativity, Physical resources – having the adequate facilities and equipment for staff to work in and with, Strategic focus – being innovative and keeping up with current trends. 

You have a great set up instore with your butchery, Deli and hot food counter; how do you maintain its look and presentation on a daily basis and what motivates you to provide the level of services you have in store?

Setting up early is a key part of our day. Our team starts at 6pm, preparing and displaying the counters for the day ahead. We pride ourselves in maintaining freshness and high quality product throughout the day, Regular cleaning and replenishing of our display ensures every customer gets the same high quality shopping experience.