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Become a Butchery Excellence Member Today

"The Real Voice of Irish Butchers"

We are delighted you have chosen to be part of the largest and fastest growing  support organisation for butchers in Ireland. Through a  membership the team will help provide you with technical support, advice, guidance, marketing platforms and events that will help you as a butcher to grow, strengthen and develop your business.

Let us help you reach your full potential to grow your business and develop your career!


Why Irish Butchers Join Butchery Excellence

Butchers all face similar challenges in the food sector because of rising pressured. Butchers can gain support through education, innovation and expertise in responding to challenges together, as a community.

Today’s butchers are faced with huge levels of legislation to adhere to. Therefore, ‘Butchery Excellence’ has been developed to simplify this. And to ‘take the pain out of paperwork.’
Our aim is to create a community of butchers on the Island of Ireland in a 32 county context.


How Butchery Excellence can help your business

Butchery Excellence creates support through a wide community of butchers from all across the World. And create a food sourcing and retailing support mechanism that is based on unparalleled expertise, recognised training and auditing with true business integrity. We deliver real value to members by raising standards for consumers whilst simultaneously driving footfall to our members, and therefore increasing customer spend.

We encourage and harvest support for the local butcher through our marketing initiatives both regional, national and international. We’re the largest representative body for all butchers and as a result we influence customers to recognise butchery as a true “vocational craft.”

Joining is quick and easy, just follow our simple steps

1.  Choose your Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly subscription below then select the plan that best suits your number of employees.

2.  Fill out the simple online membership form and click Sign Up Now

3.  Click Proceed to Checkout, fill out your Direct Debit details and make payment.

Congratulations, you’re now a Butchery Excellence Member!

You now have access to our members area and will receive a welcome pack outlining all the exclusive services, events and exclusive discount offers that are now available to you.

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