Preparations are moving well for hosting World Butchers Challenge at Belfast Titanic Exhibition Centre 20th-22nd March 2017.

You are a valued BES member to us,therefore we want to get as many BES Members involved with World Butchers Challenge as possible as this opportunity has been secured to benefit all butchers on the Butchery Excellence Scheme.

There are 11 countries confirmed to date that are participating in the competition (Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, South Africa, USA and Germany) that may increase to 14 by the end of the month with the addition of countries Canada, Brazil and Finland.

We are running a competition in-house to celebrate each country participating in World Butchers Challenge called ‘Best Social Media Campaign’ and this will be sponsored by Butchery Excellence International.

Competition Rules:

Each month a country/countries have been pre-selected to mark their participation in World Butchers Challenge – this is a celebration for Ireland as we are hosts to the largest WBC competition in its history to date.

  1. Each shop is required to launch their own social media campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s Appor other for International Meat Month.
  2. The country selected each month must have a presence within your shop and this can be done any way you feel appropriate e.g. products for sale related to the country selected in butcher counter or retail packs, staff dresswear, flags, advertising etc, this list is not exhaustive.
  3. We want you to use this theme as a way to let your customers know that World Butchers Challenge is coming to Ireland and that you are a BES Member supporting butchery development in Ireland for our guest visitors coming on study tour.
  4. This competition on social media will demonstrate to the World, how welcoming we are in Ireland and will show that butchers in Ireland are supporting World Butchers Challenge.
  5. Your social media campaign will start in July and will end on the last working day of each month, so that you are changing countries each month.

What will this do for your business?

This will bring new customers into your shop

Existing customers will engage with you and ask you what all this is about and show an interest

It will give you a chance to run competitions of your own in store to get members of the public to engage with you

It will give our international visitors a feel that Ireland are making them welcome – this is very important to Butchery Excellence.

You will be able to launch new products each month – that will excite your customers as they will change on a monthly basis.

It is a great marketing opportunity for your shop as it will create attention in your local area and I would recommend that you use radio, newspapers and other methods of advertising to promote what you are doing for Butchery Excellence and World Butchers Challenge.

Make the most of the opportunity that has been given to you.

What will Butchery Excellence Do?

We will provide you with A3 Posters for your shop each month to indicate to your customers the country being celebrated

We will complete all judging for all members based on social media platforms and it is vitally important that you ensure you are friends with us on all social media platforms and share as much activity as possible through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and What’s App.

The winner will be announced on the last working day of each month and the winner will receive x1 Ticket to the World Butchers Challenge Gala Dinner.  The Best Overall Social Media Campaign will receive an award at the World Butchers Challenge Gala Dinner at Titanic Visitor Centre.

Each winner each month will be interviewed by our marketing team, photographs and videos will be taken and put on our social media and website platforms to help showcase what you are doing for World Butchers Challenge.

We will also be marketing this through local radio stations and local newspapers each month etc.

What you need to do?

If you are participating, please complete the application form attached and ensure you fill in all details required and we will monitor your feeds on social media throughout each month.

If you decide to do something very special and we like the idea, let us know what you are planning and we will organise for a member of the BES team to be present and help drive your idea as much as possible.


Good Luck to All Involved – We are very excited and looking forward to seeing the results!


Many Thanks


Rhonda Montgomery

Chief Executive



Meat Month – August – France – Download File

Meat Month – August – Bulgaria – Download File

Meat Month – September – Italy – Download File

Meat Month – September- Greece – Download File

Meat Month – October – Great Britain – Download File

Meat Month – November – Germany – Download File

Meat Month – December -Australia – Download File

Meat Month – January – New Zealand – Download File

Meat Month – February – South Africa – Download File

Meat Month – March – Ireland – Download File