Ways To Market Your Butcher Shop  

1. Loyalty Card System for your customers – reward your customer for weekly repeat business.

2. Taste Panels in your store – particularly on products you want to push to customers

3. Ask regular customers to write testimonials on all your marketing & website – write something nice about you and why they keep shopping with you.  Frame the best ones and hang on your walls.

4. Team up with your local restaurant and run cookery demonstrations, you provide the meat and they provide the chef and get a local wine shop to bring the wine. The chef can rave on about what great quality your meat is and at the end everyone will sign up to your loyalty scheme.

5. Run regular competitions through your website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

6. Tell your story on your labelling in store

7. Videos of your produce from farm to fork e.g. show you farm, animals and your shop

8. Regular feeds on social media and website updates

9. Showcase your award wins or any achievements you have gained e.g. competition wins

10.Get involved with local community events as much as possible

International Meat Month

Preparations are moving well for hosting World Butchers’ Challenge at Belfast Titanic Exhibition Centre

20th – 22nd March 2017.

Each month a country has been pre-selected to mark their participation in the World Butchers Challenge.

Each shop is required to launch their own social media campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

Whatsapp or any other social media platform.
This campaign will give you the opportunity to run competitions on social media which will be a good basis

to grow your social media following. 12 A3 posters, each representing a month relating to a country participating in the World Butchers Challenge.

The winner of this campaign will receive x1 ticket to the WBC Gala dinner.

The Benefits of this Campaign;

1. This will give you a chance to draw in a new customer base by growing your presence on social media platforms ie.

Facebook: Doing a special offer and target your audience within a 10 Mile radius of your shop – By boosting your posts

2.. This is the best marketing opportunity for a butcher on BEI as we are the host country

3. This will give you an opportunity to showcase new products in your shop

4. The countries participating in World Butchers’ Challenge will know that Butchers are welcoming them to Ireland.

5. Your customers will be engaged with you to find out what World Butchers’ Challenge is all about

Additional marketing services are available for BEI members


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