Butchery Excellence International’s annual ‘All Ireland BBQ Championships’ was a roaring success. The event, which was held on Wednesday 6 June 2018 in Aughnacloy Golf Club, boasted over 100 applicants from all over Ireland.

Why Compete with Butchery Excellence?

For butchers, competitions are invariably a worthwhile investment providing valuable feedback which is vital for research and development to improve future performance, where winning gold attracts publicity, bolsters reputation and increases sales.

Awards Night

An Awards Evening will be held at Aughnacloy Golf Club on Wednesday 13 June at 8.00pm.

Tea/coffee and refreshments will be made available on arrival.

Trophy winners must be in attendance at awards night.



Certificate winners will have their certificates posted that are not available to attend the awards evening.

If you unable to attend, please email rhonda@montgomeryfoodconsulting.com

All Ireland BBQ Champions 2018

To be announced at the awards night

Overall All Ireland BBQ Champion

Eddie Walsh & Sons

All Ireland BBQ Championship Second Place

B&M Meats

All Ireland BBQ Championship Third Place

Willam's Butchers

BBQ Premium Steak Category

M & W Farm Meats

Rib Eye Steak

McKays Butchers

Sirloin Steak

Williams Butchers Abbeyleix

Striploin Steak
Gold Awards


Springisland Coalisland – Rib Eye Steak

B&M Meats – Rib Eye Steak

B&M Meats – Rib Eye on the Bone

B&M Meats – Sirloin Steak

Coffey Butchers – Sirloin Steak

Coynes Butchers – Rib Eye Steak

Dowlings Butchers – Striploin Steak

M&W Farm Meats – Rib Eye Steak

McKays Butchers – Rib Eye Steak

Georges Butchers – Rump Steak

Georges Butchers – Striploin Steak

Coyne Butchers Maynooth – T.Bone

Eddie Walsh & Sons – 40 Day Dry Aged T.Bone


Silver Awards


Springisland Coalisland – Sirloin Steak

Albert Boal – Sirloin Steak

Eddie Walsh & Sons – 40 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye

BBQ Baby Rack of Ribs Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

BBQ Beef Short Rib

Eddie Walsh & Sons

BBQ Pork Ribs

B&M Meats

Oriental Baby Ribs
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – BBQ Baby Ribs

Michael Byrne & Sons Craft Butchers – BBQ Pork Ribs

BBQ Beef Brisket Category


Double Smoked BBQ Brisket

J Pelan & Son

Cajun Beef Brisket

BBQ Pulled Pork Category

Bergins Endenderry

Pulled Pork

B & M Meats

Smokey Lime Chili Pulled Pork

Eddie Walsh & Sons

BBQ Pulled Pork
Silver Awards


B&M Meats – BBQ Pulled Pork

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Smokey Paprika Pulled Pork

Brackens Butchers – Cinnamon & Ginger Pork Shoulder

BBQ Kebab Category

B & M Meats

Indian Lamb Kebab

B & M Meats

Moroccan Lamb Kebab

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Meatball Kebab
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – Chilli Beef Kebab

Williams Butchers Abbeyleix – Lamb Kebab (Spanish Flavour Sauce)

Bergins Family Butchers Naas – Mediterranean Beef Kebabs


Silver Awards


J Pelan & Sons – ~Sundried Tomato and Bacon Grill Stick

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Lamb Kofta

Bergins Family Butchers Naas – Sweet Potato & Chilli Turkey Kebabs

BBQ Butchers Choice Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Steak & Cheese Kebab

B & M Meats

Chili Chicken Kebab

B & M Meats

Thai Curry Chicken Kebab
Gold Awards


Drinagh co-op – Pork sausage with curry and carmalised onion

Drinagh co-op – Pork sausage with black pudding and relish

Silver Awards


B&M Meats – Mexican Steak Medallion

Clever & Steel – Sweet Chilli & Red Onion Pork Sausages

Coffey Butchers – Chilli Sirloin Steak

J Pelan & Sons – Bordeux Sirloin Steak

J Pelan & Sons – Stroganoff Steak Grill

Brackens – Chorizo Pork Sausages

Brackens – Maple & Chilli Pork Sausages

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Steak & Cheese Kebab

Eddie Walsh & Sons – BBQ Bacon Bomb

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Mediterranean Slow Roast Lamb

Marquess Meats – Pork & Chilli Sausage

BBQ Chicken Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Chili Jam Chicken Thighs

Bergin Naas

BBQ Szechuan Chicken

Eddie Walsh & Sons

BBQ Jerk Chicken
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – Peking Spatchcock Chicken

B&M Meats – Garlic Spatchcock Chicken

BBQ Chicken Wings Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

American Style BBQ Chicken Wings

B & M Meats

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Dowlings Butchers

BBQ Chicken Wings
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – Sticky Chinese Chicken Wings


BBQ Side Dish Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Stuffed Mushrooms

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Potato, Red Onion & Feta Cheese Bake

Albert Boal

Coleslaw Salad

BBQ Seafood Category

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Surfing Salmon

B & M Meats

Lime & Chilli Salmon Grills

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Hake Fillet with Chorizo

BBQ Burger Category

Williams Butchers Abbeyleix

Steak Burger

Marquee Meats

Angus Burger

B & M Meats

Sirloin Steak Burger
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – Bakers Steak Burger

B&M Meats – Gourmet Steak Burger

Bergins Edenderry – Steak Burger

Georges Butchers – Steak Burger

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Rib eye Steak Burger


Silver Awards


Cleaver & Steel – Steak Burger

Coynes Butchers – 6oz Steak Burger

Coynes Butchers – 4oz Steak Burger

Albert Boal Butchers – Steak Burger

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Sirloin Steak Burger

Bergin Naas – Bergins Supreme Irish Beef Burgers


Bronze Awards


Michael Byrne & Sons Craft Butchers – Steak Burger

BBQ Specialty Burger Category

B & M Meats

Juicy Lucy Beef Burger

Eddie Walsh & Sons

Bacon Cheese Burger

Marquee Meats

Tennessee Burger
Gold Awards


B&M Meats – Spinach & Feta Lamb Burger

B&M Meats – Tennessee Pork Burger

Cleaver & Steel – Cheese Scallion Beef Burger

Williams Butchers – Chilli Cheese Steak Burger

Brackens – Venison Cajun Burger

Albert Boal Butchers – Mozzerella & Chive Steak Burger

Drinagh co-op – Buffalo Burger with Spring Onion

J Pelan & Sons – Sundried Tomato Mozzarella Steak Burger

Michael Byrne & Son Craft Butchers –

Merguez Lamb Burger



Silver Awards


Eddie Walsh & Sons – Taco Cheese Burger


Bronze Awards


Dowlings Butcher – Cheeky Burger

Eddie Walsh & Sons – Jimm Bean Bourbon Bacon Burger