Stand-up pouches used for slow-cooked foods


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Asda’s Butcher’s Selection new premium slow-cooked meal range, made by Kerry Foods at its       Attleborough site, comes in stand-up pouches supplied by FFP.

There were four designs in the initial launch, each feeding a family of four and based on a range of proteins chicken, lamb and pork each recipe designed to slow-cook for up to eight hours.

The stand-up bags include everything required. The consumer just empties the contents into a slow cooker, adds a little water and then switches the cooker on.

FFP reverse printed a polyethylene terephthalate/crystalline polypropylene laminate in eight colours, using a W&H Miraflex AM press and then converted the film to a K-seal pouch before supply.

“All our [new product development] NPD team are chefs and our focus is on producing really top   quality recipes,” says Sam Reader, Kerry’s NPD manager. “Working with FFP, we have been really pleased with the packaging and the impact we have achieved on Asda’s shelves.”