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Welcome to Butchery Excellence

Grow, strengthen and develop your business

Butchery Excellence are the largest and fastest growing butcher support organisation for Irish Butchers!

Through membership we will help butchers by providing technical support, advice, guidance, marketing and events that will help grow, strengthen and develop your business.

Let us help you reach your full potential to grow your business and develop your career!

"The Real Voice of Irish Butchers©"

Why Butchery Excellence?

Butchery Excellence was established in June 2013 by founder Rhonda Montgomery. And is also a sister company of Montgomery Food Consulting Ltd.

We are the first Professional Butchery Support Organisation in Ireland that operates in the 32 counties of Ireland. We are here to help butchers across the country keep on top of changes to legislation and the associated cost of changes.

Butchers all face similar challenges in the Food Sector so Butchery Excellence supports them through education, innovation and expertise in responding to challenges together, as a community.

“Our vision is to provide butchers with support, guidance and networking that will help grow, strengthen and develop your business”

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Why Join Butchery Excellence?

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• Chief Executive Officer

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