What can the scheme do for you as a butcher?

Today’s butchers are faced with huge levels of legislation to adhere therefore the ‘Butchery Excellence International’ has been developed to simplfy processes and to ‘take the pain out of paperwork!’

Our ethos is to create a community of butchers on the Island of Ireland in a 32 County context. Using the historic regional & provincial hubs of Ulster, Munster Leinster and Connacht as well as a new Metropolitain Province termed Dublin City Province (GDA).

As butchers, we all face similar challenges and the value of the Butchery Excellence International is in supporting members through education, innovation and expertise, and in responding to challenges together, as a community.

Today’s butchers are faced with huge levels of legislation to adhere to, therefore the ‘Butchery Excellence International’ exists and has been developed to simplify processes and to ‘take the pain out of paperwork, whilst making your business decisions easier through focused and efficient support.

Our Vision

“Butchery Excellence International will create, support and validate an inter collaborative community of butchers across the island of Ireland who have a food sourcing and retailing support scheme that is based on unparalleled expertise, recognised training and auditing with true business integrity.

Butchery Excellence International, will deliver real value to members by raising standards for consumers whilst simultaneously driving footfall to our members, therefore increasing customer spend.

The scheme will encourage and harvest support for the local butcher in Ireland through marketing initiatives both regional, national and international.

Butchery Excellence International will become the representative body for all butchers and meat traders on the island of Ireland and will influence key stakeholders to recognise butchery as a true vocational craft”.

Current BEI Butchers